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What Can West London Counselling Do For You?

Life can present us with difficulties, challenges and crises that we are unable to handle on our own. We may turn to family and friends for support, advice and guidance. However there are times when it is necessary to seek support from someone outside our existing relationships who can offer detachment and a different perspective.

Counselling provides you with the opportunity to talk in confidence with someone trained to help you make sense of what you are feeling about the difficulties you are experiencing in your life. Through discussing difficult feelings it is possible for you to reduce the pain caused by them and to arrive at an understanding of what is causing them.

Through meeting regularly in a private and confidential setting it is possible for us to develop a therapeutic relationship which is trusting, provides safety and encourages healing to take place.

My role, as counsellor, is to listen and respond with understanding in order to help you discover the reasons for you feeling as you do and explore options for making your life more manageable. I will not make judgements about you or your situation, give advice or make decisions on your behalf.

We will work together in partnership which means that you must come accepting that you will be expressing feelings that may sometimes be difficult and painful but nevertheless important for the therapeutic process. I will seek to be understanding and supportive throughout our work together.


Telephone: 07946 415671

Email: Evan@WestLondonCounselling.org